DUNLOP “GRANDTREK AT23” & “GRANDTREK PTA5” Selected as Factory Standard Tires for the New LEXUS LX

Friday, 04 February 2022

"Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. (CEO: Satoru Yamamoto) is pleased to announce that we have begun supplying our high-performance DUNLOP “GRANDTREK AT23” and “GRANDTREK PT5A” tires to LEXUS for use as factory standard tires on their new and improved LX model for the Japanese domestic market. We are also proud to announce that our 22” “GRANDTREK PT5A” tires represent the largest factory standard tires in the history of the LX Series."

As befits the flagship SUV of the LEXUS brand, the new and improved LX seeks to further refine the luxurious sense of quality that only LEXUS can provide while steadfastly maintaining the reliability, durability and off-road capabilities that have long been synonymous with the LX Series.

The Sumitomo Rubber Group has proudly supplied factory standard tires for many past iterations of the LX Series. When developing these tires for the latest model LX, we took full advantage of the advanced SUV tire development capabilities and cutting-edge technologies that we have cultivated over the years while also adeptly accounting for current market needs. In order to support the reliability, durability and off-road capabilities that one would expect of the latest model LX, we anticipated any and all road conditions that an SUV may encounter while working tirelessly to create tires that would make no compromises when it came to both on-road and off-road performance.

Our DUNLOP “GRANDTREK AT23” and “GRANDTREK PT5A” tires incorporate an innovative new tread compound that provides enhanced performance in terms of fuel efficiency and wear resistance while also reducing overall tire weight, thereby contributing to improved vehicle fuel economy and all-around environmental friendliness. Our “GRANDTREK PT5A” tires also adopt a groundbreaking new tread pattern that optimizes the distribution of stress force throughout the contact patch, which is achieved thanks to the utilization of cutting-edge simulation technology. As a result, these tires provide a quieter drive and enhanced steering stability, thereby contributing to the refined riding comfort that one would expect from the latest model LX. In addition to further improving on the most basic performance traits of vehicles (Driving, Cornering and Braking), the Sumitomo Rubber Group is also proud to be actively engaged in the development of tires featuring performance traits that actively contribute to greater environmental friendliness toward the ultimate realization of a carbon neutral society.

The Sumitomo Rubber Group has defined our Purpose thusly: “Through innovation we will create a future of joy and well-being for all.” Guided by this purpose, our group will continue working tirelessly to develop advanced high-performance products while creating entirely new value so that we may continue to respond to the diverse needs of our customers throughout the world.



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