Young racing driver going places – at high speed

Friday, 21 August 2020

"A business analyst by profession, 28 year-old Jonathan Mogotsi, is not only smart at hedging his own bets in tough economic times, he has exceeded his own childhood dreams. “If you had told me as a kid that not only would I be a racing driver, but an Ambassador for the one of the most world renowned tyre manufacturers, I would have told you to get out!”"

“As humble as they come, this amazing young man is definitely going places,” says Riaz Haffejee, CEO of Sumitomo Dunlop, who keep the tyres spinning for the professional racing car driver. “We are proud to have Jonathan as a Brand Ambassador for Dunlop. Not only is he a passionate driver, he has recognised that he has people that look up to him and as such he has a responsibility to educate the public on tyre safety.”

When asked what he does for fun, Mogotsi talks about his grass roots experiences leading to his career choice. “My favourite pastime is simulator racing on PC,” he says. “It is also what got me into Motorsport in the first place.”

Despite being on the track as a professional driver for VW, having represented them in the VW Polo Cup for the past three years, Mogotsi has not lost his passion for driving and says a favourite off duty pastime is to get into his car, with his windows wound down, music off and drive through the city at night. “It is important to remember to keep racetrack shenanigans to the racetrack,” he says. “Obey the law and stick to safe driving on the road please.”

As a closing message, Mogotsi encourages the public to think beyond themselves and care about those around us, especially the elderly and the vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Please practice social distancing, wear protective equipment and sanitise regularly. Avoid unnecessary contact where possible,” he says. “And lastly, when you hit the road, check your tyres and ensure they have sufficient pressure and tread wear.”

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